Qingdao Topsen Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, founded in 2009, focusing on R&D of Nano materials and rubber additives, as well as the promotion and application of low VOC rubber operating oils.
    With an experienced R&D team and advanced wet processing technology, we have developed a serial of Nano Carbon Composites, which can provide solutions for the conductivity of plastic, elastomer, fabric. Also we have developed Nano Spherical Silica, w...[More]
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    Rubber tires shoe soles activator
    Rubber additive
    Fire retardant chemical
    Rubber antifatigue agent
    Other agents
    Paraffin oil
    Naphthenic oil
    Aromatic oil
    Rubber filler
    Fibre shape silicon
    Abrasion strengthening agent
    Abrasion strengthening agent
    coating additive
    Standard oil
    Ester plasticizer
    Anti-adhesive agent
    Anti-adhesive agent
    CNT Masterbatch
    CNT Masterbatch
    BASF Attagel50colloidal clay
    BASF Attagel50colloid...
    N98 flame retardant synergist
    N98 flame retardant s...
    Rubber aids softener paraffin oil
    Rubber aids softener ...
    Paraffin base oil industrial rubber oil 500#
    Paraffin base oil ind...
    300# industrial rubber paraffin oil
    300# industrial rubbe...
    Rubber softener plasticizer paraffin oil 3050
    Rubber softener plast...
    Low VOC green rubber softener paraffin oil 3080
    Low VOC green rubber ...
    anti-aging rubber EMDP colorless green rubber paraffin oil
    anti-aging rubber EMD...
    High flash point colorless tape hose paraffin oil 323
    High flash point colo...
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    Qingdao Topsen chemical rubber paraffin oil brand details Qingdao Topsen chemical rubber paraffin oil brand detai...
    Qingdao Thai the holy chemical industry to provide various grades of paraffin oil, has a light yellow wax oil, colorless, paraffin oil, etc.
    Heat resistance of EPDM ternary ethylene propylene rubber Heat resistance of EPDM ternary ethylene propylene rubb...
    Each cycle produces additional free radicals, represented by heavier arrows.The two free radicals can combine to terminate each other and create new crosslinks.The formation of new crosslinks
    How to increase the service life of sand blast pipe, how to improve wear resistance How to increase the service life of sand blast pipe, ho...
    The wear-resistant reinforcing agent of ceramic powder sandblasting tube can improve the life of sand blasting tube
    EPDM rubber formulas EPDM rubber formulas
    Buyer is interested to receive quotations for the following RFQ - Product Name : Coating & Paint additives Specifications : Purity : 100%, Use : Wall Quantity Required : 10 MT Shipping Terms : CIF Destination Port : Busan, South Korea Payment Terms : L/C Looking for suppliers from : Worldwide Contact : Gitae Kim
    New type of rubber and plastic cosmetic PVC coating multi-function filler TOPFILL ® N90 New type of rubber and plastic cosmetic PVC coating mul...
    1 introduction 1.1 source Topfill ® N90 is a modification of silica, SiO2 in high temperature conditions and Si rapid oxidative gas and oxygen in the air condensing and form a kind of ultrafine silica powder material, similar to the gas phase method of silicon dioxide.The ultrafine powder is modified by the advanced production equipment introduced from Germany.
    How to choose the flash point and viscosity of rubber paraffin oil? How to choose the flash point and viscosity of rubber p...
    There are many kinds of rubber, natural rubber (NR, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), butadiene rubber (BR), isoprene rubber (IR), nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), butyl rubber (IIR) chloroprene rubber (CR), ethylene propylene rubber (EPM, EPDM), silicone rubber (Q), fluorine rubber (FPM), etc.
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